Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coming up at our James Bond Craft Night June 26th...

The name's Bond...James Bond...if you don't go weak at the knees when hearing these words you're clearly crazy! James Bond is a British institution and this month we celebrate the sauve spy and his Bond Girls, as the man himself celebrates 50 years on screen!! 
2012 marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond and we couldn't let that incredible achievement pass without getting our hands sticky (or stitching) in style. 
We're talking Stitched Not Stirred at our next Make Escape. Skyfall down to the event on Tuesday 26th June at the Hackney Attic...
This month we have two very special guests leading our craft workshops. The magnificent Use It Up Wear It Out (who designed the fab montage at the start of the blog!) will be running a Surreal Sunglasses workshop where you get to decorate your own pair of sunnies AND take them home..... FOR FREE!! (You Only Live Twice but you will want to wear these in this life time).
And the super stylish Merry Bobbins who For Your Eyes Only will help you make your very own shimmering, spangly bow tie.
Because Diamonds Are Forever...The Make Escape's very own Momtaz (who's alter ego - a lesser known fact about her - is 'Barbie Bond Babe'), will be running a 'Make Your Own Cocktail Ring' workshop which are even more BLING than the real thing...
If that wasn't enough, Danielle Meder aka Final Fashion returns to help run our Collage Corner. Above is one of her stunning 'Paper Dolls' - point your Goldfinger at her website to see more, this one was made for a Press Kit. She'll be running a Design your own Dream Cocktail workshop and there are prizes for the best ones!
Plus because every Bond Girl likes to shop we've also got some great designer/makers in our Maker's Market..more on that in a mo. 
First up here's what you need to know about the workshops:
Surreal Sunglasses with Karen Shand & Jo Whelan from 'Use It Up Wear It Out'

Get there EARLY! This session has limited spaces so we suggest you hot foot it there ASAP!  
Use IT Up Wear It Out are a collective of designer makers On Her Majesty's Secret Service promoting sustainability through fashion and craft. Their motto is 'repair, re-purpose, customise' and they'll be showing you how to up-cycle your sunnies with bling and ting. (Also if you're off to a music festival this year these VIP shades are your must take accessory!) 

The Man With The Golden Gun wears one and now you can too - fashion your own bow-tie with the lovely Chloe and Amy from The Merry Bobbins. The Bobbins are crafty bloggers who's crafty generosity keeps Thunderball -ing. They run an assortment of pop-up workshops at events and like everything else at The Make Escape, there's no need to book...just absail in!
Momtaz from The Make Escape is a big fan of the Faberge Eggs that stars in Octopussy and has been running crafty workshops all over the UK for the last 5 years with all sorts of themes. A few summers ago she worked with some bored teens on their summer hols and together they invented these blingtastic rings. Have a go at making your own on Tuesday.

And don't forget to bring some spending money too because quite frankly The World Is Not Enough, you need to own some handmade crafts too. There's also a stocked bar AND some fabulous designers in our Maker's Market who are running some mini workshops too.

We've got: 
Quilter: Elizabeth Oniri Felter: Susanna Wallis & Jewellery designer: Emma Slater

PLUS our very own Bond Girls Isabel (The Fireworks) and Alice (Cosines) will be spinning some Bondtastic tracks as they were at the Casino Royale. Does a free night out in London get any better than this??????? We don't think so!!!!

For one month only we will not be in the usual Hackney Attic space......but the floor below - Floor 4 - the Gallery Bar so we'll see you there from 7.30. Live and Let Die...aka (miss it, miss out!)

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