Saturday, 4 August 2012

July's 'Teddy Bear Picnic' Craft Night Highlights

July's Make Escape Craft Night at The Hackney Attic was a feast for all the senses. We were joined by The Craftivists (pictured - there are three Sarahs in this photo!) whose founder Sarah Corbett (left) gave an inspiring and honest talk about how she became a Craftivist and how craftivism & activisim has spread all over the world. Food for thought for every single crafter in the room.
Sounds were taken care of by our fabulous DJs: Isabel, Dan & Alice who played tunes that quite simply were made for crafting too.
Taste buds were given a treat via the scrumptious tomato jam sandwiches the Craftivists brought along for everyone to try.
We were extremely excited to invite Rebecca Woods to join The Make Escape team, who's commitment to crafting is an inspiration! Find out more about her and her biscuit icing skills on her blog.
Felt queen Susanna Wallis led the most popular workshop we've ever had - needle felting where she showed people how to turn 'tops' into works of art simply but using a needle and washing up sponge.
In our Maker's Market , Use It Up Wear It Out sold their unique collection of one-off Surreal Sunglasses. If you'd like to make your own pair, the girls are running their own workshop on August 20th at The Book Club, or come to this month's Make Escape and join them for an accessory making workshop.
As well as her excellent presentation, Sarah also debuted the Craftivists latest movie on the big screen backdrop of the Attic, which you can watch here:
In it you'll find out more about their Tomato Jam/Oxfam Grow campaign and how you can get involved.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to have a go at stitching their own jam jar cover with a special message of their choice. Messages stitched on the night included:
'It's not what u gather but what u scatter that tells the kind of life u have led'.
Over in the felting corner as well as the chance to felt your own teddy, there was lots of yummy stuff being made like this delicious pear and pink mushroom.
  And a rather tempting looking Oreo.

Finally we were proud to host the visitor who's travelled the furthest ever to get here! Jeanette (pictured with The Make Escape's Momtaz) flew all the way from Kenya to come to our craft night....ok. A slight lie. She came over for the Olympics but whilst soaking up the sporting spirit popped in & got her craft on in our Collage Corner.

Next month's event takes place on Tuesday 28th August and has a super summery Club Tropicana theme. We'll be joined by sewing blogger Tilly from Tilly & The Buttons who'll be running an embroidery circle, the fabulous girls from Use It Up Wear It Out with whom you can make beach themed accessories with and we invite you to help making the longest bunting in history for next month's CallyFest

More details to follow so come back soon!

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