Sunday, 2 December 2012

Highlights: Winter Wonderland Craft Night

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It was cold outside! But that didn't stop fans of glitter & glue braving it to our Winter Wonderland Craft Night; together we made it the snuggliest place in town.* 
(*Don't be fooled by DJs Dan and Isabel....they may look like they are wrapped in a scarf, but this is merely for effect!)
To help us stay defrosted, we invited Stitch London to come along and teach newbie knitters the skills they need to whip up a scarf so they can keep warm for the rest of the frosty season.
Also thawing us out was Purple Claire from Purple Claire Textiles who brought along peg-looms and showed us how to create woven masterpieces.
A record number of participants joined in our collage corner the point we nearly ran out of glue. But fear not, we'll be stocked up again in time for our Christmas-Craft-A-Thon on Dec 18th!
At The Make Escape - we are very inclusive, everyone is welcome but sometimes there are divisions...this Man Group for example insisted on having their own table.
Did it help their creativity? Keep reading to find out...
Ooh & very excitingly we were joined by the film crew from a Japanese TV company!
So, onto the workshops. Peg-loom weaving is one of the most satisfying crafts ever. It's easy, you get instant results and it's a fab way ever to use up spare yarn scraps.
Community artist and freeform weaver/knitter Claire runs peg-loom sessions all over London and has been involved in creating several large scale textile pieces with school children. She brought along a stash of looms for people to create their own piece of weaving, or have a go at a larger group piece.
Here's a close up of a loom...
And here are some finished masterpieces! Love the triangular designs on this one.
And this little rug would be perfect for a pet!
Ooh, wonderful wintery shades. Esp loved the white bobbly yarn, this one felt sooooo snug!
Of course you didn't need to keep your weaving flat. Nasrin turned hers into a woven butterfly to accompany the knitted butterfly she made with Stitch London.
Speaking of which...
Stitch London's founder Lauren O'Farrell, stunned the room with her incredible talk about how knitting helped her beat cancer, revealed some secrets about her Guerilla Knitting past and encouraged us all to take part in the next big craze...guerilla crafting.
From sticking button mosaics on walls of public places using blu tak to using bleach to clean and create patterns in walls, or growing your own moss, Lauren's scrapbook of ideas and examples was so exciting some people got to work straight away.
(She didn't end up with the above fortune cookie for no reason!)
Knitting & it should be!
Pippa from the Hackney Citizen, also popped down and tried her hand at the knitting needles for the first time ever!
Julie knitted a sheep soon to be released into the wild...
Question is, will this blue one survive out in the wilderness? Look out Londoners, these sheep are knitted and they are ready to surprise you somewhere in the city when you least expect it.
Yes it's TRUE! We made Star Wars snowflakes!
Don't be sad if you missed can download the free templates here and make some at home too!
This flock of feathered friends were also soon to be released into the wild by these lovely ladies.
Check out that fur's beautiful!
Guests also tried their hand at Advent boxes. Make 24, fill them with yummy things, hang and untie each day until Christmas!
That Man Table we showed you earlier on? It was Delwar's first ever trip to The Make Escape and he expertly whipped up enough greeting cards to open up a stall!
While Matt went for the paper-cutting theme.....if only it did rain strawberries...then rivers would be made of Strawberry Ribena....and that would just be amazing!
Over in the Makers Market, we welcomed Halima Begum from Tacky Tart whose utterly gorgeous goodies looked good enough to eat!
Our fave pieces were the shimp earring and Barbie shoe bracelets.

Phew! What an evening!
The Make Escape was six months old today and we're so excited that it's getting better every month!
We run the night on a voluntary basis for the sheer pleasure of seeing people making stuff and being happy!

If you've not yet been make sure you come and join us soon - seriously....will you find more friendlier looking hosts than Momtaz and Becky anywhere in London?
We think not!

See you on TUESDAY DEC 18TH, HACKNEY ATTIC, from 7.30pm onwards for our
Christmas Craft-A-Thon

It's one week earlier than usual this month to ensure you have a chance to make your Xmas cards, gift tags, stockings and other last minute essentials in good time!
(p.s The Attic bar also serve amazing hot chocolate at the perfect temperature! Defo recommend this to everyone!)

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