Monday, 3 February 2014

Highlights: Chinese New Year Craft Night

Kung Hei Fat Choy!
We celebrated Chinese New Year in style with a room packed with crafty folk making horses, dragons, masks, lanterns and fortune cookies. Here are some of our favourite snaps from the night.
Fortune Favours
As well as handing out the real deal, we had you constructing your own felt cookies...
Led by our Becky, the idea was to make your own fortunes...however some folk got carried away and made a whole set. In fact one guest made 12 for a dinner party she's hosting (bet you haven't seen felt fortune cookies on Come Dine With Me before?)

Horsing around

Local crafter and baker Alison Beadnell joined us for another workshop, this time she showed us how to construct origami horses to celebrate the Year Of The Horse
In amongst the herd we discovered a show horse...
And a show-wearing stallion!
It was popular choice for our boy crafters
In fact it was busy all evening!

Chinese Lanterns
Carrying on with the paper craft theme, the gorgeous Clarissa Giles (what a dress!) led a fab session on making lanterns...
By the end of the night we had enough lanterns for our own parade!
And here are some of the proud makers and owners...

Knit & Knatter
Beryl and Madelaine from London's Knaughty Knitters headed up our knitting corner as usual where they taught newbies how to knit
Those with some knitting and crochet experience were challenged to make some themed creations
You can also bring your own projects along, we can't wait to see how this crochet blanket progresses...

Collage Corner
This month we gave you everything you needed to make your own Chinese New Year essentials
Masks of course are obligatory

Love was also in the air!
With it being so close to Valentine's Day we also lined up romantic projects like constructing your own cards...
...and crochet hearts
We also enlisted the help of crafter Benedita Rangel who showed us how to make origami paper heart accessories including jewellery...

and bookmarks
Benedita also sold some of her gorgeous eco flowers in our Maker's Market

We all know The Spinning Yarns are the bestest DJs ever...
...but they surpassed themselves this month with another fab soundtrack

But that wasn't all. We were joined by two film crews, keen to find out what we were up to (both were amazed we were celebrating Chinese New Year)

Team Make Escape: Momtaz, Suzi & Becky
What a welcome back after our month off. 
We were particularly impressed with this woman and her swag bag of hand-made crafts from the evening!

The good news is we aren't going anywhere, we have plenty more craft nights up our sleeves starting with It's Show Time on February 25th.

See you there!

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