Saturday, 8 August 2015

Highlights Hawaiian Holiday Craft Night

Our third birthday Makerversary was filled with aloho as we got into the hula spirit with a Hawaiian themed craft night.

Pineapple quilting with Barley Massey from Fabrications

Barley's workshop was spectacular. It involves hand-sewing a quilted pineapple patch as a homage to traditional hawaiian quilts. Afterwards we had a mini exhibition where we invited everyone to come and check out the masterpieces.

Charm braclets with Arliyah Hussain from Woven Jewels

Arliyah ran a fun workshop that would give high street stores like Top Shop a run for their money. Participants made sunshine embroidered jewellery with a fruity, tropical twist.

Lei-Making with Louise Walker

The ultimate accessory in Hawaii is a a lei, the traditional flower garlands that can be made into necklaces, cuffs and even headbands. Louise headed up the session which was super easy but had brilliant results, the kind of crafts we love!

Knit & Knatter

It was popular in the knitting corner and this month we witnessed some rather fabulous knitted pineapples being made.

Collage Corner

Over in our free-range collage corner, the pineapple crafts continued.

Tropical Tunes

On the decks we were joined by Matt and Matt aka All Hands On Decks and new member Rukia who even got us dancing on stage with their pic of summer sunshine songs.

Us on The Telly

Elsewhere we were busy being interviewed for LIVE TELEVISION! Founder Momtaz chatted about the night to London Live who put out live bulletins from the event - they also found out more about Barley. 

Birthday cake

And because it was a birthday there was a round of chocolate cake for everyone!

See you in September, we are back with a colourful Carnival Couture themed craft night on Tues 29th September, Hackney Attic from 7.30pm.

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