Wednesday, 18 April 2018

End of an Era - The Make Escape says good bye to Hackney Attic

Mia and Momtaz - The Make Escape Craft Queens 

So today's update is on the sad side. We were due to have our next free craft night next week but things have changed. After nearly six years of running London Craft Night The Make Escape at the wonderful venue, our home, Hackney Attic we will no longer be able to hold events there. The space is changing and they can no longer accommodate us.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to Hackney Attic for hosting us for so long and to all the amazing staff who have supported the night from printing our fliers to helping us rearrange the furniture, to letting our DJs The Spinning Yarns loose of the decks. We are so grateful.

We are going to miss the venue and the event and all the regulars who have come along, again for nearly six years - we just missed out on celebrating our 6th birthday there.

And of course a very special thank you to all the tutors who have given up their time to volunteer and donate materials, to the press who have featured us, to the different team members who've helped run the night over the years, to our DJs Dan, Isobel and Alice and to everyone who has come along.


We aren't planning to get another permanent home for the night yet but we are keen to 'tour' The Make Escape Craft Night to different event spaces, preferably where there is a bar and we can have our DJs for the full experience. If you can suggest anywhere that fits with what we do (aka keeping it free entry so not charging for event space hire) then do drop us an email and let us know -

A huge amount of time goes into running, organising and marketing the event so we can't do them too regularly for free but we certainly will keep running free and accessible events that everyone can enjoy.

Aside from the free craft night we also run craft workshops that incur a fee which we hope you will continue to support. Coming up we have a Bollywood Crafts workshop at Watford Palace theatre Sat 5th May 1-3pm cost is £4 and an embroidery workshop on Sunday 13th May at Chiswick House. Details of these and all future workshops will be on our main website and on our social media - follow us on Twitter and Instagram

You'll find photos from all our craft nights in the archives of this blog, it's so nice to have them as a reminder of the incredibly fun nights we had and the awesome things everyone made. Have a dip through them to see what we got up to. 

We hope to craft with you again soon in the meantime keep making!

Momtaz & Mia 

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