Monday, 21 May 2012

I CAN Make Shoes at The Make Escape

Londoners are very lucky in many ways. London is a city full of choices - if you can imagine something, it probably exists in London. We have a great number of shoe shops and young, innovative shoe brands designing beautiful, cutting edge structures in which we glove our restless feet.

We also have I CAN Make Shoes, a shoe-making studio run by designer Amanda Luisa, where if you can imagine a shoe you can make it come to life. They run workshops from a beautiful space in Hackney.

I CAN Make Shoes will be running a Shoe Design Station at the launch of The Make Escape. They will be offering guidance on design and providing a range of inspirational materials to help aspiring shoe designers think about the possibilities available to them.

I CAN Make Shoes will also be offering the generous prize of a place on one of their 'Ballet Pumps for Beginners' workshops, for whoever creates the most imaginative design on the night.

There are many possibilities when it comes to a pair of ballet pumps. You could make a pair that look like cats...

... or a pair of graceful velveteen evening shoes.

Come down to our launch and release your shoemagination. You may soon be putting your design skills into practice.

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