Sunday, 20 May 2012

Launch party preparations

Our preparations are gathering pace for the launch of The Make Escape at The Hackney Attic. It's a beautiful venue - a long, elegant room with generous arched windows on the very top floor of a cinema. We went along to explore and make a floor plan. On her journey there, Momtaz picked up a pair of giant golden scissors at a second hand market.

The Attic has an unfathomably enormous 'backstage' area, which is almost as large as the front-of-house venue. It has one fully mirrored wall, which makes it the perfect place for our dressing up area. We're going to bring along most of the clothes photographed in the DIY Couture book, so you can try things on and get ideas about making your own.

The Make Escape is just one of many events the venue hosts. They have a board game night, quiz nights and musicians visiting from all round the world. This evening of 'Palop' music from Guinea-Bissau looks especially brilliant.

We're very lucky in that Barley from local sewing studio Fabrications, will be bringing some of her brand new Brother sewing machines to the launch. Here is her beautiful studio, which is on Broadway Market in Hackney. She hosts all sorts of crafty workshops there.

You can see that a lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of her studio. Almost everything has a special handmade touch.

Barley will be bringing to the launch her great eye for design detail, and will be helping anyone who wants to, to make a turban-style chainlink hairband. Here is a picture of DIY Couture author Rosie wearing a turban hairband at Fabrications. We'll be bringing along fabric and thread for anyone who wants to give this a go. It is suitable for absolute beginners and a good way to get comfortable with the basics of using a sewing machine.

There will be more activities at the launch and we'll be blogging about these in the next few days.


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